• To make Penang Bridge International Marathon the Most Anticipated Marathon Event in Asia.
  • Penang Bridge International Marathon is without a doubt a unique marathon with almost half the race ran on Penang Bridge.
  • PETACH’s vision is to make Penang Bridge International Marathon into a major event in this part of the world (Asia), to attract the world’s best marathon runners to Penang annually.
  • With the re-branding, this event is being evolved into “The Asian Challenge” and is poised to become a highlight in the international sports calendar. The focus will be to make Penang Bridge International Marathon into an internationally acknowledged marathon run which would be accredited by Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) and International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) label.
  • PETACH’s goal is to bring positive changes and value to the event and raise its brand image to the likes of New York, Boston, London, and Tokyo Marathons.


  • Refreshed, simple and clear for a powerful message to visualise energy
  • The primarily blue composition symbolises the water element, where Penang is poised strategically at the Strait of Malacca. By highlighting the use of waves, it is a symbolic representation of PBIM as one of the unique marathons on bridge run over water.
  • The vibrant colours of the ‘marathon’ also mirrors Penang’s identity as a destination for the sea, sun, nature and culture – bringing about a splash of colours for Penang’s unique and vibrant mix of cultures and diversity.
  • The facelift is a change accompanied by the evolving branding and identity of PBIM to bring about a special focus and attention to the logo which portrays PBIM’s identity as an international sporting event while celebrating the diverse background of the participants.

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March 6, 2020


 GEORGETOWN – The much-anticipated Penang Bridge International Marathon 2020 returns with a refreshed brand identity with the launching of its new logo at Queensbay Mall in Penang today.

The new logo reflects the ongoing effort by the Penang State Government through Penang State EXCO for Tourism, Arts, Culture and Heritage Office (PETACH) to continuously bring betterment and grow Penang’s iconic marathon.

PBIM is the largest mass-participation sporting event in Penang which has successfully attracted more than 20,000 runners from all over the world to race on the iconic bridge which links both island and mainland.

Penang State EXCO for Tourism, Arts, Culture and Heritage Office (PETACH) YB Yeoh Soon Hin said the refreshed new logo is an initiative aligned with their commitment to attract the world’s best marathon runners to Penang and elevate it into a major event in the region.

Quoting Stephen Hawking who said “intelligence is the ability of change”, Yeoh said to improve, one must always embrace change, and to be perfect, one must constantly be in sync with changes that spearhead growth.

He said Penang Marathon was incepted as a Road Race (Esplanade to Gurney Drive) in the early 1980s, and has since evolved into the iconic Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM).

“We have come far since then, and we want to continue this journey to bring about positive changes for growth and improvement in this event to expand the branding further,” said Yeoh during the unveiling of the new logo today (March 6) ahead of the registration which begins Saturday (March 7).

Yeoh announced that the race, taking place on November 22 this year, comprises three categories namely Full Marathon, Half Marathon and 10km Run.

He also announced that PBIM is continuing with the 10km run this year due to popular demand.

“We have decided to continue with 10km although we have previously announced that last year was the last time for 10km as we have received plenty of requests especially from new runners.

“We do not want to disappoint the new runners who have just entered the running scene and wishes to advance themselves through this platform. Hence, we decide to continue the category on a new route which spans along the coastal road.

“They will not be running on the bridge this year but on the new route as we have promised a better running experience for full and half marathoners this year through an unobstructed and conducive environment,” he said.

He said the re-branding exercise is an ongoing effort to continuously raise Penang Bridge International Marathon to a new level, a new standard, with a bespoke experience for Full Marathon and Half Marathon runners as well.

“We have also incorporated a refreshed route for Half Marathon covering two-thirds of Penang Bridge.

“With these changes, we hope the runners in all three events will have a better experience in their respective categories,” he said.

Details, visit https://www.penangmarathon.gov.my/portal/