A very good afternoon to speakers of the day from Penang Adventist Hospital;

Physiotherapist Mr Bryan Wu Sai Kit
Dietitian Ms Mah Joh Ying
Consultant Neurosurgeon Dr Ng Cheok Man

Ladies and Gentlemen.

We are pleased to welcome all of you to the Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM) 2018 Medical Forum to assist runners in their preparation, with less than a month to go before the PBIM which is happening this Nov 25.

From “Running Injuries & Ways to Tackle Them” by Mr Bryan, we hope that participants can gain inputs from his sharing to avoid getting hurt and reduce injuries during the run especially for the 42km category.

Elite marathoners often know that the preparation starts way before the events and as such, we have the second speaker who will be sharing on tips to “Eat Like A Champion” by Ms Mah.

We also have the third speaker Dr Ng on “Health Issues and Injury Avoidance In Long Distance Running”, which I believe will come in useful regardless of whether you are amateur or professional runners.

We hope that the information imparted during this forum will go in aid of the preparation of all runners in which we recorded more than 26,000 registrations this year. I believe that the forum will come in useful during your training as well as on the race day where all will be giving their best to meet the qualifying time as well as achieve their best personal results.

With the runners in their tip-top condition, we will be able to accomplish a more competitive and healthy atmosphere which will see local and international marathoners next month.

I wish you well in your upcoming preparations, and we look forward to seeing all of you soon.

Thank you.

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